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Well...I hate to say it but I had to grow into where the money is. The tree work is back breaking work but it pays very well. I taught myself a lot of the climbing after going to a basic tree climbing class in CT. It really hooks you, everything that isn't climbable I rent a trailer articulating lift for until the work volume can justify a bucket truck and the expenses that come with it. Started with the tree work last April and have done some excellent technical jobs with a lot of rigging. Right now where only doing removals but eventually would like to grow into pruning and treatment applications down the road. Unfortunalely I put my knee cap on the side of my leg in october playing softball so alot of work has been in a bucket till its fully healed. Luckily plow contracts have been keeping operations flowing for the winter.
Here's a pic the day after I blew my knee out in the bucket doing a removal crutches and all.
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