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I agree with most of the comments from the apparent experts on here (Kiril and Tony). I put this site together without any knowledge at all and learned as I did it. I will continue to work on it and appreciate the time taken by folks to evaluate the site. I know it is lacking, but it will serve the purpose for now. Everyone has their niche, and this is certainly not one of mine. However, I must say something regarding the comments about my home page being a "about me" page and it is not a proper web page/first page of the site. I totally disagree with that. One thing I know is people. I believe that a page, while not your traditional web page, such as I have is better than most I have seen; not with the professional content of pretty pics, etc., but I like announcing who I am up front and that being the first thing my potential clients see. I am not sure I want them to see a page I paid for someone to make and is very formal. I am one of the most professional guys around and I understand wanting to wow the client to some extent, but I want them to know me, the person that will be on their property, perhaps at times when they are not there. Also, in my case, I totally started from scratch with no knowledge and learned enough that I can program the CSS and do other things. This took effort and I did not pay anyone to do it. I will continue to work on the site and improve certain things. I know it is a joke to some of the technical guys on here, but I can respect that. I think it will accomplish what I need it to when it comes to my potential clients. I already have several, and I have been around long enough to know what my selling points are to people. Again, I appreciate the comments and it remaining on a decent constructive criticism level. Good luck to everyone this season. My two cents worth is this: a positive attitude, ambition and drive will overcome anything life has to throw at you...period. Thanks again. Jeff W
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