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Here's the thing about your website and pretty much any marketing collateral you use: it sets the tone for what a prospect expects from you. I was laid up with Lyme disease for two months this summer and needed to find a lawn service to do my yard (I was really starting to get the stinkeye from the neighbors). I'm one of those people who doesn't care much about the lawn, and as long as it's cut and tidy I don't care. Plus, from being out of work, I didn't want to pay a lot.

So when I was looking for providers, I chose who to call based on websites. If they had a weak, cobbled together website that looked homemade and didn't have a strong marketing message, CTA, etc - that's who I called. After all, the assumption was that someone who would put THAT out as a representation of their company was someone who would start cheap and negotiate backwards into ridiculous. FYI, it worked.

At the risk of being an a**hole, your site fits the profile of one that would've gotten me to call you. Now, you may be more professional in your pricing and presentation when you show up, but then that sales call would have been a wasted 20-30 minutes for you. When you consider that a lot of folks filter search results the way I do, you have the potential to waste several hours a week chasing dead leads (and miss the good ones who go "yeah, I don't want this rough of a startup, I want a pro company").

I spent years with a homebuilt website. I started by hand coding one, then a free template, then a paid template, then Wordpress. I finally paid a designer when I realized that what I wanted my website to say about me and what it was actually saying about me were not in alignment. I don't get a ton of leads via my website, but I've gone from 0% close on web leads two years ago to 80% close on web leads over the last six month. That has nothing to do with my sales skills and everything to do with the quality of the leads who call me.

Take a good hard look at what you believe you bring to the table (quality of service, attention to detail, integrity - am I right?) and really look at your site, and decide if the two match up.
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