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Originally Posted by TriCityLawnCareLLC View Post
All looks good. Disabling the safety switch doesn't sound like a good idea to me-especially if you have employees, but to each his own i suppose...
I agree, but to a point. Every time I have to move lawn furnature, dog toys, etc. You wear out the pto, But when we have to bag properties (we have a lot that do) we have to switch off the pto. Dumping a bag with the blades on is very dangerous, but just moving things in front of the mower, or just stepping off for a second, isn't really a big deal.

CP is a very safe company, but in this case it's a tradeoff between productivity and safety. I personally am glad they get disabled because otherwise I forget to set the brake and turn off the pto when I step off, then the whole damn mower shuts off. It gets annoying after a while.
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