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- 2 visits and both times the Home slide show fails to load. [edit: just loaded on the 5th refresh]

- The About Us page is a strange read for me. There are just too many "Matt [this or that]"s. You present the image of an actual company, and then it's nothing but "Matt". Basically, paragraph 1 does not work with paragraph 2.

- In previous reviews, I've linked to Google and seomoz's beginners seo guides. You'll want to read those.

- There is no readily available phone/location/service area info.

- Love the logo.

- Be careful with relying so heavily on slideshows. As I click through, I start to get the feeling of "here we go with another slideshow loading..."

- The snow removal service pic of your truck... While it's still winter, how about getting a better pic of it in a better location. You have a nice, clean, professional looking site and branding, but the truck pic pulls me out of that imagery and gives me the impression you're a solo with a truck.

- You point out you need content, so I'll avoid that other than to recommend you not let that slide. Be sure to also add appropriate, good tags and context to all of your images/slideshow pics.

- Your Contact page doesn't give me your phone number or any service area either. I see you're in Chicago, but potential customers, and search engines, need more.
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