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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Hey Bud, Hey guys... I am actually new as well, new to the forum and a new owner. Have been working in the business for just over 10 years now however.. It's nice to see some names that I recognize:Ygim and joesimoes2. I recognize you guys because i have been reading the threads for a long time off google... just never signed up but now that i am a owner, i feel it is very important. Are there many companies in your area zfisher?
There are a few I would guess,just like every every where else. you got the big guys how have every thing lettered with 100k in equipment,the guy in the middle with nice equipment an a few 1000 in equipment and then the Gypsy's with a pickup and a push mower with seal coat all over every thing!
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