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On the home page slideshow you're not leading with your strongest image. Water feature beats corner retaining wall w/ chain link fence behind it every time. I'd stick around w/ the water feature image, more likely to jump w/ the wall.

And with finished pics, get the hose out of the way first (or do what I do when I forget, and photoshop it out at the office)

Agree w/ Tony on the About page. I don't get why small companies think these need to be as boring as a corporate page. Write it like you were sitting down for coffee with the local chamber of commerce president and explaining who you are and what you do. It may sound nuts, but that sells people. I've had so many people tell me they chose my company because my website told them I was a small, responsive company that cared.

When you're listing features that you can do or that are awesome, ending with "and so on" and "etc" sucks the impact out of the sentence.

"Design dept"? If you have designers on staff, have a page introducing them. If it's just you, you have a BLA from a good school. I'd expect you to be good. Own that.

Something is def screwy with the slideshow plugin. I find myself rooting for the grey load bar to get all the way to the right and it's really distracting. Are they just massive pics that need downsized?

It's a good start, clean template, and I second the nice logo. I assume this is a Wordpress template?
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