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It doesn't cost extra to look at more photos

You are allowed to walk into 4 other pictures when you look at a property on Go iLawn before you are charged again. Each "walk" doesn't cost $3. You are also prompted with a dialogue box that tells you when that will occur, so if you are about to spend another $3, you will have to decide that you are going to before it happens.

If you're having trouble locating the properties, use the street address with zip code to locate it. It will literally look for the property boundaries for the address, so it's very accurate.

For commercial properties, check out the neighborhood view. It shows you more geography in a photo. Some people measure entire residential subdivisions from the neighborhood view for $3.

Real Green charges $.85/search after you buy the software, somewhere between $5k and $10k, then the measuring assistant module on top of initial software purchase.

You can also only measure one property at a time for your $.85, whereas in Go iLawn you can measure as many properties as you can see for your $3 search.

Call the Go iLawn support team if you need help. A person will answer your phone call, live chat or email quickly if you contact them during business hours. If you contact them over the weekend they get back to you first thing Monday.
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