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Originally Posted by elitelawnteam1 View Post
I agree, but to a point. Every time I have to move lawn furnature, dog toys, etc. You wear out the pto, But when we have to bag properties (we have a lot that do) we have to switch off the pto. Dumping a bag with the blades on is very dangerous, but just moving things in front of the mower, or just stepping off for a second, isn't really a big deal.

CP is a very safe company, but in this case it's a tradeoff between productivity and safety. I personally am glad they get disabled because otherwise I forget to set the brake and turn off the pto when I step off, then the whole damn mower shuts off. It gets annoying after a while.
I do understand your reasoning-it does become a drag to move things. I know for us, the bigger obstacles we will go through before we mow and move them.
dog toys and what not, we can usually reach down or use the extended grabbers to move.

The bagging while the blades are on is the exact reason I won't let me employees run a mower with no safety-it's not the only reason but it's the reason that turned the light bulb on for me as to why the safety features are so important.This past fall we were on the last property of the day and i was using a lesco hydro walk-behind that lost the safety features when the motor was swapped out. We rarely rarely use this mower but for whatever reason (that i can't remember) we were using it along with a rider to bag the grass on this property. I noticed the grass was getting clogged in the accelerator and so i (without thinking to disengage the blades-idk how this happened, but it did) i took the catcher of and put my hand near the discharge shoot to get the clogged grass out. By the time i realized what had happened it was too late. My hand went into the blade. NOW it was by divine intervention and divine intervention only that i didn't lose any fingers. I was wearing gloves and somehow that protected my hand. It was swollen, black and blue and nasty looking for a while- I was lucky, not everyone get that chance.

Anyhow, I've had the Lesco on CL for sale all winter, if a machine doesn't have safety features, I don't want it. The ways you could get hurt (by not having safety features) are unique and limitless, you never what or how it can happen. We all have those day (as did I) where we simply make a mistake.

It sounds like you've done this for a while now, but please be careful. Once you or an employee gets hurt you'll always play the "if only i hadn't..." game. Best of luck to yah man!
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