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Originally Posted by burnsyscapes View Post
I am interested in building small ponds, water features ect.

How did you all get into doing so? Classes, training, just jumped into without knowing?

Fill me in!

Thank you.

Some manufacturers/distributors offer 'Learn-To-Build' events, some 'How-Tos' can be found on manufacturers websites. Be extremely wary of information found on the internet, especially in Hobbyist style forums. Even on the professional forums, such as this one, mis-information is found. Do your own research.
If you are going to venture into pond building, most especially those that will contain fish or other aquatic life, you will need to possess a good working knowledge of freshwater biology and bio-chemistry. Much of the information found on the internet is anecdotal at best and has no basis in scientific fact.
Aquaculture sites, such as the SRAC, provide a great source of information.

"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." - Will Rogers
Aquatic Research
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