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Need some opinions on what i should do.I am 22 now and I been in business for 3 years. I started the business while in my last year of college with 20 accountants. The second year(first year full time) i jumped to 48 accounts, and just finished my 3rd year with 102 accounts(70 Residential, 32 commericial). Over the 3 years i stayed living at home and re invested all the money i had left over after paying bills.Over the three years i have purchased 4 trucks(2008 f-350,2001 Chevy 3500,1995 Chevy 3500 dump,International 4700 dump) 4 mowers(2005 52 scag wildcat,2012 36 scag vride, 2005 ferris 3100, 36 lesco hydro) 3 trailers and a sealcoating system along with multiple pruners, dethatchers, weedwhackers etc. I have incorporated the business this off season and am looking at how i should approach this up coming season, Do I continue to let the business grow like crazy and take on more customers at this rate and start weeding out the lower end customers or do I deal with all the headaches and take any account possible. I already swallowed the bullet and got fully insured with payroll and workers comp and unemployement.
i currently just do billing once a month for maintenance customers and collect payment for side work at the completetion of the project. Should i attempt to switch everyone to 9 months of a set amount to control my money flow or should i continue to just bill as i go and go with the ups and downs of more money than other months. What should i do??? Any opinions would be great
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