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Hello Guys and Gals,

Ive been lurking on this site for a while now anticipating a small lawn service start up this spring in southeast Michigan

I have a full time job (hense my screen name) however due to massive concessions at job #1, and a baby on the way, my wife will be leaving her job so no income from job #2, I'm working to supplement the loss of household income.

My plan is to start out small with the equipment I have which is'nt ideal but it will work, and build from there.

However why I really started this post is not only to introduce myself, But to tell you from reading post after post, and question after question from newbies like myself, every question, which for some may be embarrassing to ask, is answered with nothing but pure professionalism from each and every member on this board.

I frequent the message board from job #1 and usually log right out due to what was an honest question or statement in the beginning, turns to a bunch of people acting like school kids lacking food and discipline not willing to offer any advice whatsoever unless it involves bashing or sarcasm.

You are the true professionals in my eyes, and I'm proud to say I am a member of lawnsite.
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