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Originally Posted by THORNTON SERVICES LLC View Post
the one set up i run in the box trailer i run a 52 walk behind and a 60 zero turn most of the time , but i have another set up that i use a 10 ft open trailer for those hard to reach areas , just take the push mowers and the 52 walk behind on it usually. I was just curious what every one else was doing , i have no experience with standers , lh jones in sabraton has the new gravely stander in , as far as wright , pass can order them but i just cannot bring myself to buy something i can't use and test first. Do you use standers if so how to they handle the hills? Thats what i would use it for , most hours go on the zero turn though.
Steve is trying to get me to buy the new stander I was going to buy the old on until I used one and absolutely hated it, wasnt nearly as good on hills as I thought.The new one is pretty nice I'm going to wait until march and demo it I might buy it during pro days if I decide on one. All my equipment has came from Lh jones they treat me alot better than pass has.
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