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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
Each truck has different trailer setups but about the same mower setups. I run a 32ft gooseneck with chevy truck so were long. It has a dump box on it. Usually this rig is strictly large commercial as they dont move alot once on site. Usually 3 exmark 52's. usually two exmark WB's. Then trimmers, blowers, gas. Sometime we run with 72 front runner exmark too.

Other trucks all have a 24 ft trailer and usually one exmark 52 and one exmark WB. Then the usual small hand helds.
Don't take this the wrong way , but why would you haul a 24ft trailer with two extreamly small mowers that would easily fit on. A 12 feet trailer. What do you do with the other 12 feet of room? Waste of gas, waste of weight, waste of engine work for your trucks, I cannot see one benefit from running this long of rig without carrying 3 zero turns and having a huge tool bench up front
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