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I find that for most people a folding handle is more of a gimmick type thing, like if you store it in the garage next to a car or something, 99% of commercial stuff doesnt have it. It usually makes the handle assembly more flimsy. Although my ryan aeartor has one, and toro snowblower, lol, but I never use that feature. I could understand with an enclosed trailer though, depending on the size. But if you need to fold the handle then I think its time for a bigger trailer, but Im sure you know that, or are getting to that point when a bigger trailer is on the horizon.
The fold up handle is a huge plus for the homeowner version. I have a 6x12 enclosed and space is at a Premium. The other issue is the added weight and lack of personal pace. Both my Toro TimeMaster 30 and Ybravo 25 are secondary use mowers.

Thanks for input on a ramp shelf for a 21". Going to do that for my yBravo25.
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