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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
My primary focus is smaller lawns and residential and smaller commercial lawns.

I'm trying to price hunt....Not just a single application but the entire growing season. I will not call out any local Co. In my area but even a weed and feed broadcast spray from a truck with hoses and reels. I'm not sure how they are making much money...?

My focus is optimum turf management and keeping lawns weed resistant by ideal mowing heights, aeration, proper irrigation cycles. If a client insists on scalp mowing and daily watering cycles I really don't want them as clients.

I'm willing to bundle in weed spot spraying with this season long fert application customers but I'm not going to push weed control as major since this will be my 1st year licesnsed for herbicides and I will not have any elaborate spray equipment.

I plan on bundling a few extra services for fert clients that I believe will be a big hit.

I don't really want to waste my time on wild goose chases and waste the time of the competition for fake price quotes.

Customers seem to always get caught up in the cost per service here. Many can't see the advantage of slow release fert or the fact that my Plugr 850's leave substantially more plugs on the lawn vs standard rolling tine units.

Any help much appreciated in the open and via PM and email etc.

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To me it sounds like you want to go after full service customers where you maintain everything on the property. When I give an estimate for full service, I always sell the customer on the package, not the individual items. Around here most dont care about the small details, like what products and methods you use. They just want their yard to be perfect. I sell them a perfect yard. Of course I give them a list of services and tell them what im going to put down but I try not to price each item. They see whats going to be done and how much its going to cost for the season. If you list a price for each item or service, then they are going to look at that price and compare it with other companies pricing. Then, even if your seasonal price is lower, they will try to negotiate the price for that one item. They just want the best deal possible.

Now once I sell them on the package, I do all of the things you mention like using proper mowing practices to reduce weeds and using slow release fert. These individual items may cost a bit more but they make for a better product and cut down on costs in the long run. Mowing properly cuts down on weeds, so I dont have to spray as much. Using a good pre emergent means I use less post emergent. Using slow release fert means less surge growth which makes my life easier. It also keeps the customers lawn looking greener longer, with less apps. They way I look at it is by spending a bit more money on a product or taking time to do something the right way, saves me time and money later on. Since I have sold the customer on one price for everything, that savings means more profit for me.
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