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Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
Why on earth would you not go used? There are so many great deals to be had out there right now. Every winter guys get desperate for money and are willing to give these things away. Pounce on them!
Some people don't like used. I want to know the equipment was well taken care of. If I am the only person who has ever ran it, I know it was never abused or misused, ran low on oil, I know the filter was changed. I buy new knowing it will last me much longer than the feel of a sweet deal.

He is exactly right in thinking he does not have the time or money for repairs. What happens when he gets a great deal on a turd? Not only is he out the money he spent but he has no recourse. He either cuts his losses and buys another machine or he pays for costly repairs not knowing when the next breakdown will occur. Buying used from a private party is buying as is. They are going to make look and sound as though you are buying a new machine for half the cost. Too many shysters for me to take that chance.
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