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Originally Posted by joesimoes2 View Post
You don't have a street view picture
Unfortunately, no this address does not have a Street view picture.

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
"... Should I go measure the property even though it will take forever? ..."

Not to be critical or harsh, but if this is your approach to this sized job, perhaps it is not one you should be attempting to land. Even if it takes you two hours to measure off, and get it right, the two hours will be trivial if you ignore measuring, and estimate the job 30 minutes short for each visit.

There are online tools for property measurements that are very accurate, and cost nothing. But, if you not willing to invest some time in a good estimate, them maybe you are stepping into a hornets nest that will sting you in the end.
Don't worry buddy, I know what I'm getting into. I just wanted to have a ballpark figure before I called and talked to this guy. If he had asked me approx. how much would I charge him i wouldn't have had the slightest clue that's why I was asking others opinions first. That is what this website is for.

Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
Price each house individually and add them up.

Hillbillly guess is about $200-250/week
Thank you for your guesstimate. I will definitely be splitting up the three properties when I take my measurements.
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