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Originally Posted by eZ1 View Post
Thank you all for you advice and info. I will try disconnecting that wire tomorrow. Are you thinking that changing the seal is not what it is because you think the seal was not bad or just because there is a primary reason that caused the seal to go bad. Im only asking because the original seal was wasted. Thanks again.
Look, did you do as Resto suggested from the git-go? 'Cause disconnecting the kill wire ain't gonna do chit if you pinched it with the cover/shroud!!

What they are sayin' is, if the top bearing/bushing is worn to the point of allowing the crankshaft to have excessive shake/play in the bushing, then that is what prolly caused the seal to fail. However, it's not always the case!
I have seen and replaced seals that were leaking where the crank/bushing play was OK.
You should have checked for play when you had it apart...............
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