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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Using your rate of $70 PMH I come up with $332.50.
Thanks. Yeah I was thinking it would be somewhere around $300 to cut. That just seems crazy to me. That's $1200 bucks a month someone's paying to have their grass cut. That's more than my damn house payment! Lol

Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
Hard to say for sure without the property dimensions, but just looking at it in the pictures, I'd say $300 would be in the ballpark, but perhaps a bit on the low side, depending upon the trimming, edging, and blowing required. I do agree to look at as 3 separate properties. Add the 3 prices up, and maybe do a slight reduction because you staying in one spot and only having to invoice one owner.

Since this is through a friend, you might ask if he can find out what they have paid in the past. It doesn't mean that price will be correct, but it will give you a starting point, plus let you know what they have been comfortable paying in the past. In my experience, people with money, are often the tightest. I mowed a single family home for an attorney a couple of years ago, telling them I'd do it for $100 the first time, then give them a price for routine maintenance. After doing the property, I called and told them I'd have to have $125 per mowing, based on weekly service. His wife said they just couldn't afford that, and I told her that was the best I could do considering the size of the property and the difficulty involved in mowing it (on a hillside). Took me about a month to get that $100 check, too.
I'm waiting on some checks too brother. I hate it! That's why I'm not taking them anymore.

Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
The way I read the OP's post is that he was shooting for 70.00 per hr (combined) for him and a helper. I may be wrong but I would think 70.00 per man hr would be way high.
I wish I could get $70 per hour by myself on a regular basis!

Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
Do you have a hand held GPS or know someone who does? Most of these can be used to measure Sq Footage and give you an idea. Go to the Exmark website and they have a mowing time calculator. Add mowing time and trimming and you can guesstimate how much time it will take. It seems to me that I always underestimate the time. You might can offer a one time price with the understanding you can actually see how much time it takes and then discuss a regular price. After I mow a property for a while I usually can figure how to cut a little time. Sometimes I will suggest to the owner changes that will cut time and thus price just to make the property easier to maintain.
I've got an iPad. So there's got to "be an app for that" right?
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