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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. She's now a runner. The problem was the fuel solenoid but it was not without a few twists and turns. The research I did said you could test the darn thing with a 9 volt battery. Seemed easy enough. My problem was that I couldn't get the solenoid off the carb bowl. When I tried to spin it off by grabbing the metal housing, the entire housing would spin. I wanted to grab the neck which looked like it was slotted so you could get a wrench on it but every wrench I had was too thick (see first pic). Finally I grabbed on of my cheaper wrenches and just ground it down a bit on a bench grinder to make it thinner (second pic). After that, I put the carb in a vise and used the thinned down wrench to unscrew the solenoid. It took some effort and did not want to come out of there. I had sprayed some penetrating oil on it the day before so that may have helped. The last pic shows the wrench that did the job and the solenoid separated from the bowl. Sure enough there was some gunk in there. A couple of spritzes with some carb cleaner and I was able to push the plunger without much force. I connected just the solenoid to its wiring, turned the key to the on positioned and observed the plunger re-tract. Buttoned up the carb and gave her a try. She started up and ran. Now I'm not gonna say it runs good but it runs. It seems to rev up and down instead of run smoothly. I think that is OK because it indicates the governor is trying to work. The choke is not connected (I had to diddle it manually to get it to start cold). This is because of the connector that got broken off. I brought a whole new carb on ebay that was cheaper than what new parts cost to fix the choke connector. Between my carb and the ebay carb I will get it fully connected and I am hoping it will then run fine. Can anyone verify that for the governor to work correctly you need both the throttle line and the choke line connected? Thanks for all the advice on the solenoid. You guys were right on the money.
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