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Originally Posted by bdlawncare View Post
yes and seeing as i already have all the saws and top of the line climbing gear, and the fact that I'm half monkey there is no reason not get into this more seriously... What size chipper would you recommend to start? To be honest I would just rent the stump grinder/crane while starting to make sure things take off. And if you don't mind me asking how much does insurance run for a smaller tree op, annually.
Thanks guys I appreciate it.

As for the chipper mine is a 12"feed I wouldnt get anything smaller than that. I wish I had a dual roller feed on mine but this works just fine for me right now. The cummins motor in it is outstanding with no complaints. As for the stump grinder the sc352 has been nothing but a headache. I just sold it last week and am glad to have gotten out of while still keeping my shirt. Grinding is a nice niche market but you really have to market yourself well to the area around you to make money and be super efficient. But whatever you do stay away from any grinder with a diahatsu turbo diesel.
Cranes are nice, haven't worked with one yet but everyone seems to love doing work with them. But they come with a hefty price tag, usually they charge you by the 1\2 day to day to come out for a job from what i have been told. Any thing that requires crane work I turn away, its just more than i can handle right now. I'd rather turn down a job than put myself or company in a bad position.
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