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Question for you then.

We do lawn and landscape maintenance as well as installs and all aras of tree work. As a by product of these operations we produce a large amount of green waste and wood chip.

The green waste is composted down to a nutrient rich soil amendment that we use in top dressing and as garden soils. The wood chip is used as mulch. Now we use both of these products in our daily business but also sell it to other contractors who do the same thing.

We don't see it as trying to muscle in or take over their business. We have enough work to satisfy us and being a little bigger than the others means we have more resources that we quite happily offer other contractors if they need our help.

This industry has been about competing with each other for so long and I can't figure out why. We all have a common goal so why not work together. Why not sit down with your competition and set a minimum desired rate that works for everyone that way no more undercutting. Just an idea but hey it could work.
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