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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
theyre definitely not the best but i rather smoke them instead of swishers or black and milds
I'd rather smoke dried-out grape vines than them nasty Swishers. lol
Black & Milds are tolerable on a rare occasion, but it's gotta be the regular/original flavor. I tried their apple flavored cigarillos once and about gagged on it. Frickin horrible!

As I stated earlier in the thread, I'm not big on cigars really, but I do try some here and there as a "sampler". The tobacco I smoke in my pipes is manufactured primarily for cigars, so it's better for me to try different flavors with a cigar rather than buying a small pouch of pipe tobacco. Nothing worse than buying a pouch of that stuff, and then realizing quickly that the flavor is less than desirable.
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