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An email address harvester is a piece of software that is deployed much like a search engine spider to collect information, the only difference is the type of information it collects, and the fact the harvester is usually controlled manually... Meaning it may not come around right away, but when it does, the very day that harvester comes through here, some of you will see changes.

It will be interesting to see what they had in mind in ways of targeting, too.
I'm thinking some of you will probably get "industrial" spam.
Like Chinese manufacturing, and other such stuff.

Might be months down the road, but it's coming.

It likely will result in very little, if any, "pharmaceutical" spam.
Then again there's no telling, with targeting, what will come of it.
The address above might attract a little harvester seeking addresses for "porn" spam.

Can't remember what other types, surely there are always a few "419"ers.
Originally Posted by krzys555 View Post
this is why you should have more then 1 email address.
a business one,
a private one,
a possible spam one or two,
and one easy to remember one
That's funni

You ever stop to think, how robots connect the dots?
As worthless as targeting is, it follows patterns.
Humans by nature are creatures of habit, and they develop patterns.

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