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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
What kind of pipe do you have I used to do that but I think I did something wrong could never keep the bowl lit what is your secret?
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I have a few, but only use a couple regularly. My first one was a Calabrest Bulldog. It got a crack in it though after about a year of using it, so I don't mess with it much anymore. My daily use one is a BC Rocrune that I've had for probably 7 years now. Still in excellent condition. I have another daily use one, but not sure what the brand is. Rather inexpensive whatever it is. I think I paid $40 or $45 for it.

As for my occasional use pipes, I have a Calabash (Sherlock Holmes style pipe) that's about 40 years old. Also have a medium size Church Warden. Those occasional use pipes ran about $150 each, so they don't leave the house much. Especially that Calabash.

On the topic of keeping the bowl lit, much of it depends on how tightly the tobacco gets packed in there. If it's too loose, it has a hard time staying lit, but if you REALLY pack it in there, it can't breathe.
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