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Originally Posted by Snapper Jack View Post
The Scags and Gravelys have a coulple things in common in regards to cutting and that's having a deck that'll perform exceptionally well in all conditions wet or dry not just biased for one condition. There are several LCO owners who've made the switch from Scag to Gravely and those Gravelys lay down amazing cut wet or dry. I hope to own a Scag with a Velocity deck some day
Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
I actually got to try one of the new gravelys out. It was the one with the air ride seat and that was a SUPER IMPRESSIVE part of the machine. there was one thing that I wasnt a huge fan of on the gravely I tried and that was how high you sat on the machine. Used this mower in a few of my usual yards and I couldnt get under the trees that I could get under with my tiger cats which did in turn make me have to trim more and Im fat so that was definetly not good!!! LOL the tiger cats you sit very low which im a fan of. Not tearing your head off on low hanging limbs most times.

I always thought that scag dispersed grass better because the huge discharge opening but your right the gravely did an exceptional job with the small opening.......... The deck is impressive for sure.
Gravely certainly has a lot of things going for it. In my area, with the fleet pricing, it put Hustler SZ out of the park by about 3k diff, but definitely demo it in your type of grass before pulling the plug.
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