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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
But if you think about the bulk of Techo's Showcase (as ETWman has already realized) - Pete is preaching door hangers. He's preaching mailer cards. He's preaching why to use bedding sand instead of stone dust. He's preaching what size compactor to use. Year after year. He is spending an emense amount of the show going over stuff that 70% of the audience has already mastered 5 to 20 years ago! A veteran contractor doesnt want to pay for door hangers and mailer cards with someone elses work on it. If we have to pay for something its going to have our jobs! Seriously, after 2008, 2009, and 2010 - any contractor that is still in business obviously KNOWS HOW TO MARKET and KNOWS HOW TO OPERATE A BUSINESS.

Why is the show focused so much towards the start up guy and in the same breath they're saying they want only the upper tier jobs and clients???!! The two do not go hand in hand.
This pretty much sums up why I skipped the whole thing this year. I've never vandalized anybody's house with a door hanger, and I never will. I have no use for brochures filled with somebody else's pics.
I've been to almost all of these things and heard the same load every time.
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