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Not knocking your plan but what makes you qualified to manage 250 accounts right off the bat the first year even if you do have the help.

You are pretty much saying that you are going to be dealing with over 1.1 million dollars in sales the first year! You gotta start somewhere and I commend you for your efforts, but jumping into a huge contract with wealthy customers is not a good idea in my opinion, especially being only 18. Wealthy people most of the time equal PITA!!!

Also, I know no one that spends 5% of their salary on landscaping. Normally it's aroundn1-2%. I live in an area where people make 200-650k with 2-3 mil dollar homes and know formamfact that they don't spend 7000 on landscaping per year for just maintenance. It's almost like your blanketing a regressive tax on your POTENTIAL customers.

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