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Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
Whoever said that is a moron. I more than paid off my plow in 1 event. They're probably saying that because they don;;t want any competition.

Snow plowing is a very lucrative business. It's shady as hell too. You'll see....
Well then my local Fisher dealer, My father, my Grandfather, both my uncles and about 6 other old timers that graduated from mowing Fields And landscaping in the 60's too Heavy Highway Construction, Excavating, & Building Million Dollar Log Homes ; Must all be Moron's! My first plow I paid off in one season! It snowed every week, sometimes twice!. The back up truck I put a plow on it Dec of 2011 and it has snowed 5 times from that Nov. I dont go out and push unless there is 4 inches on the grd. If the customer wants me to come out for less its is by there request.
I didn't ask for help with Pushing snow I asked about lawn care and how to get a respectable bizz going. But ya know what they say; Opinions are like A** holes and everybody's got one!
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