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If your mower is still under warranty...using factory filters is money in your pocket..
You wouldn't want to give them a reason to deny a warranty claim...

Personally...I like the stens hydro filters...I installed hundreds of them on my customers Exmarks and Dixie Choppers..
The factory filters come with a 90 day warranty against defect...Stens filters have a 1 year warranty...and they stand behind it..
The stens hydro filter is a true 10 micron filter...which Exmark recommends..I believe Dixie uses a 40 micron filter because it is a high volume system...
However...I never had a single issue by using the 10 micron filters on Dixie Choppers..actually...hydro failures decreased as a result of better filtration of the fluid...
The only hydro filters that I have seen that regularly cause problems are the plain white ones with no writing on them..
They clog ...and then the pump grenades....seen a bunch of them...I can see why the manufacturer doesn't put their name on them..
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