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Originally Posted by zechstoker View Post
I use to always get people coming up to me while I was smoking these, and most everytime they'd tell me something like "I love that smell! My grandfather use to smoke a pipe all the time". Makes me feel like an old man. Haha
that's partly why I took up pipe smoking because I LOVE the smell.

now there was a guy who questioned why people smoke when they know its harmful. well my answer is a couple of them. one, you wanna live forever. two, I'd rather die young doing something I enjoy than live longer trying to quit something or avoid something I enjoy.

there are people out there that actually enjoy smoking. I always have in one way or another. when I was younger I smoked cigarettes. always enjoyed it but for some reason I quit. then picked up dip for a bit. now I've taken up pipe smoking.
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