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I have been dealing with them in just the past two weeks. I'm a strong Angie's Lister and I wanted to check out another tool online that would give us some more "umph" in the legitimacy game among landscapers... So I filled out the online Louisville BBB stuff (it's almost like a pre-registration.) My business was already listed but "NR" or not-rated.

They then called me a few times, finally spoke to them for a while. They finished "confirming" me with some simple questions and I got my "A" grade.... NOW, this does not mean I am truly a BBB "Accredited" business. THAT'S where the sales pitches start. 455.00 for the year to be in their free old-school grocery store publication you see at the front door, the BBB decals and logo use, they make you a website (no thanks)... and you get "accredited." So I spent a few e-mails and phone calls with them last week, discussing it and being polite. But I was honest. I didn't at all think the cost was worth it. They are really trying to fight their "old timer" reputation but I told her that I hated that the BB seems to be COMPLAINT-driven, whereas Angie's List is a more positive review-styled source. I don't think she liked it that I kept mentioning Angie's List! LOL

Anyway, turned it down. For now.... all I really wanted was the decal and logo usage and I think we can get by just fine without paying 455.00 per year. I found their sales techniques very typical. Long conversations about what they can offer (which isn't much in reality) and how 'good' they are in the community and providing people info, blah blah blah... and THEN they get to the pricing 45 minutes later.
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