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Do you consider youself skilled?

Here is a quote from another thread, I read today.

"Let's face facts here, we work in an industry that doesn't really require much skill or investment to be able to start up. If you have a lawn mower, trimmer and a rake, you can start a lawn mowing business...grab yourself a shovel and a wheelbarrow and you are now a "landscape contractor". Realistically, you could train a monkey to mow a lawn..."

I took offense to this. If this is all we think of this industry then, we will not go far in this business. I feel that landscaping is like most trades, you have a starting point that is very basic but, must be expanded with education and experience. You can also say a person with a hammer and a saw, can call himself a carpenter. I have seen hack jobs done by men calling themselves a carpenter or landscaper.
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