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Originally Posted by PabsMaster View Post
Thank You, I far as I know you need a license. You can do it if you are not registered business. ( AKA sense I am not 18 and dont pay taxes) but like you guys said it is not worth the risk. Oh well, I appreciate it very much. Have a good evening!

With out a license you pretty much cannot even look at a irrigation system in Texas. Here are the rules by the state.

"A person may not sell, design, install, maintain, alter, repair, service or inspect an irrigation system - or consult in these activities - in this state unless the person is licensed by the TCEQ [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality]"

You do not have to be 18, or any other age for that matter, to take the course or test. If irrigation is something you are interested in why not go ahead and get your license. If you are just mowing while in school [nothing wrong with that young man] and do not intend to make a profession out of the landscape industry then I would not worry about irrigation license or pesticide [spraying] license and just leave that to others.
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