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Hey that's my video! haha

DVS is referring to block steps, big difference from granite steps. We will not install block steps on any house around here unless the homeowner agrees that there is no warranty. Way, way to many call backs because of our freeze thaw climate.

Back to granite steps, first I'm assuming you mean a granite stoop, like to a front door? What we do is excavate at least a foot and a half (dependent on soil conditions and age of house) of material and then back fill with 3/4" processed gravel. We over dig the sides and front of the stoop by at least a foot all the way around. Again dependent of soil conditions and age of house. Along with the processed gravel, every 4" we put in a layer of geo-textile fabric or geo-grid no matter what the soil or the age of the house is.

We do probably 40+ granite stoops a year and this works for us. I'm not saying its the best way to do it in all parts of the country but it looks like your from Massachusetts so you have similar soil conditions to me.

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