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First off, thank you for your input! I appreciate the realism.
Unfortunently, I relieze how little amount of startup money I have but it's all I got for now, hopefully I can upgrade equipment along the way.

When you say homeowner vs. commercial machines I'm just wondering what defines the differences? I understand what both terms mean, but does Home Depot for example sell both homeowner and commercial units? How would I know? Is there a technical difference between the two?

Also, I did a google search for string trimmer. I have heard of it being called a "weed-wacker" before, just want to make sure these are the same tools. Also by blower, I assume you mean leaf blower right?

Yeah hopefully I can snag a trailer for relatively cheap, that is going to eat a large chunk of my funds, but ya need money to make money.

Sorry if these sound like beginners questions (I'm kinda a beginner lol), but hey gotta start somewhere right?

Originally Posted by hi_speedreed View Post
Since you have no equipment you should do some research into costs. I think you will be surprised at low little $700 is. I see 4x8 and 5x8 utility trailers on craigslist from 400-700. You can make do with residential equipment but it is not built to take the punishment of day in day out work that commercial machines are built for.

21" mower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and blower are the minimum for what you have described you are looking at ~900 for good quality homeowner stuff, if you buy commercial you could be looking at $2200+
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