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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
cutting a lawn does some skill especially when a 61 or 72" commercial zero turn rider is used, and the yard is wet, has hills or dips in or maybe even a pond at the bottom of a hill. trimming around around objects is a skill, not everyone can do it, some can do it but not very well, so can do it well, but not very fast, some can do it well and efficiently, same with cutting a lawn, anyone can mow a lawn with a 21" push mower but to cut that same lawn with a big commercial zero turn and not screw things up takes some skill. i'm gonna even go as far as saying even doing a fall clean up takes skill, not a whole lot, but i've seen people screw up a spring/fall clean up.
I think it requires common sense and basic mechanical aptitude. I'm willing to concede that a lot of people lack these things...namely employees who have no skin in the game.

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