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Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
Joe-Shmoe LCO or homeowner? The homeowner who mows his own lawn by and large doesn't give a rats A. He just wants it done.

I've never seen a LCO around here that does bad work. 75% of us run the same Exmark machines. All yards are striped beautifully. All clippings are blown off the walks and the street. The quality is top notch. I've literally never stopped and watched another LCO and said to myself "Man, these guys suck." Never once has that happened in my 10 years.
Its similar to that around here, most lco's do a pretty good job, but there are some that will miss spots trimming, even mowing, and i find it hard considering they have 3 guys per lawn compared to my 2. but skimping on trimming is a popular one around me, i don't care to skimp on trimming, because i think that will make or break a lawn, the stripes don't matter as much as good trimming and not having any clumps.
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