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Originally Posted by CreativeLawncareSolutions View Post
Also, you can get a great used plow for 2k, Heck, I bought another truck and had it installed with mounting bracket for $1700. There's deals out there if you do a little investigative work.
there absolutely are, I did it, I picked up my 96 f350 powerstroke 7.3 with 238,000 miles for 3500 with fisher minute mounts and wiring, and then picked up the original plow that was bought new in 96 with the truck for another 300, not working, knowing it needed a headlight wiring harness which cost 136 from fisher in maine. and I just started plowing in 2011 with 0 accounts, got 20 my first year, and another 25 my second year, and I stopped advertising for snow removal in december 2012, as of right now I cover 7 towns with one truck do all residential, and my average driveway is 45 or 50 but in december i'm raising my plowing prices, on all driveways that are below 50 dollars. with one truck, i'm busy for 18-20hrs which is too long for me and for customers, but the addition of second truck would mean i need to find more work closer to my other accounts to keep profits high. right now my whole route is about 140 or 50 miles and cost about 85 dollars in diesel. I end up around 140hr as an average. sometimes its over 200/hr but then i have some accounts with a lot of drive time, like 15-20 mins.

hopefully this summer i'll pick up an 94-97 f350 dump truck with a mm plow and throw a sander on that, and i would like to pick up an 2008-10 f350 reg. cab and throw a stainless v plow on that. and pick up some commercial work. i need more work closer together I have alot of times where i'll do two driveways for 40 dollars and they both only take 15 mins and there is no drive time, because they are neighbors
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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