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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
oh i forgot to add i picked up a toro single stage snow blower for sidewalks for 100 dollars, it is 10 years old but it starts every time and pays for itself every time, i take it out along with my plow, and the portion of my truck that i bought with truck pays for its self every time. also the way to make money with plowing is to set the trigger at 1" or close to an inch so when there is a little under an inch like these little storms we just got in the past week you plow all your accounts and still make money. vs. waiting for 2" or more might only happen twice a season. almost all my customers are at 2" or more which will change in december, I'm telling them i'm doing there driveway around 1" that way i get out as much as possible. I know i can get new accounts very easily, and enforce a 50 dollar minimum from 1-6 including sidewalks pretty easily. unless the driveway is long or up a hill or something extreme
The dang weather people got me all excited this morning...we only got an inch. Oh well.

I started out like you. Doing residentials with sidewalks and such. It's great money. Now I don't even have to get out of my truck. Work hard to get those cushy commercial jobs. You'll actually probably make less per hour...but you won't even have to wear a coat. Hell, I plow in flip flops. Seriously.

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