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Snow Blow

I currently do a small business in snow blowing during the winter months. I do not plow due to the amount of money it would cost to repair my truck to handle the weight and operation of a plow as well as the added cost of the snow plow. So instead of spending thousands of dollars for less than 1,000 I got a 24 inch snow blower and a 30 dollar shovel.
On average a drive takes 10 minutes or less from the time I take the blower off the truck and put it back on the truck. So yes it takes longer than plowing, but the gas savings and truck wear and tear savings are worth it.

I can do 10-15 houses and sidewalks on a tank of gas with the snow blower, which costs me roughly one dollar to fill up. That is about 10 cents to 25 cents of fuel cost per house( not including travel time).

I hope to next year make enough in the other months to not do snow removal, because I hate the on call the entire winter, for not enough money to justify it. It is a risk because other outfits can come in and take the business in the other seasons from you if they do a great job plowing, but that is just that much more incentive to take extra good care of them every chance you get.

You can find more information about our snow and other services at:
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