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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
You are young then Your still learning the trade then

You need a Fert License in your state What about a Spraying License
That takes a lot of skill is spraying anybody can pass the test but knowing what and how much to put down is a different story

I been doing this trade since 1981 under my name I do eveything beside sprinklers
I dont how any body just mow and make in this trade I seen serval closed there doors last year due to the drought no mowing no money Myself I went did Lawn landscape Hardscape installs When it to wet do that Im mowing I allways have something to do 6 days a week Winter time plowing snow and no snow Im drawing employment and yes I can draw it My company is Inc. I make a weekly check like everybody else does
I know little to nothing about that side of the business. Never said I did, either. Just said I'm taking the first step which is getting the liscense. I doubt I even mention I have the liscense for a good 2-3 years.

I'm not interested in how much money you make or anything of that sort, though. That's kind of rude to discuss openly IMO. This ain't a pissin contest.

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