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Originally Posted by Advanced Wall Structures View Post
And what if I told you that our company only works from word of mouth and other general contractors talking and saying we are the people to contact more times than not? We don't put signs up, or have our names on our equipment, or trucks unless its required by the state. Are we just little buys then? Even though most of the time we have more work than we know what to do with?

Reputation is just as important as printing up a pretty flyer and having a Facebook page or a dime-a-dozen website.

I also have friends that have landscaping companies and market the hell out of themselves and aren't busy at all because of no reputation.
I do same thing word of mouth only place I run a ad is in the phone book
I dont have a web site I dont do emails I rather talk to ppl on phone or in person Im busy now with jobs signed up for spring time

There a New Company here they market there self big time They look busy but a 3 day job for me takes them week or 2 to do They only do installs so during spring time when its wet sitting around waiting for dry weather But have seen them do installs in the mud and that has back fired on them few times
They dont own a thing They rent everything to do a job
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