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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
I ordered my first 29efis for stock cause i heard so many good things about them. I will let you guys know how they hold up. $8500 retail for 61" puts it up there a little for us with no suspension, but we'll see how they go...
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Take my word for it, electronic fuel injection is far superior in every way to conventional fuel delivery, and Kohler uses the best (Delphi, same as in your vehicle) components for their system.

This does not mean you can't have problems, because anything mechanical is prone, but it does mean you will get the best fuel economy, the best ease of starting, and the best performance from your engine. You will achieve more feel of power due to no throttle lag (as with a conventional governor), this means the engine senses load much faster, enabling the fuel to be delivered quicker; which in return keeps the top end operating rpm's from dropping as easily.
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