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Originally Posted by Autoflow View Post
Same goes when bidding. They compare my system with backflow prevention, head to head spacing, pipes in at the proper depth, to a random landscaper who has no backflow, terrible spacing and shallow pipes that turn the pipe into a sieve next time the lawn is aerated. My price is double the other guy.
Same scenario plays out in every market. There will always be bottom feeders bidding against the elite, knowledgeable, experienced contractors. Find a way to set yourself apart from the bottom feeders, and somehow prequalify them so you don't waste your time bidding based on price.

I go back and forth with this approach to testing and licensing. No matter if licensing is in place, there will always be guys that pass the test and will eff up a system or repair. Just because a guy holds a license for a particular trade, doesn't mean he will do the job correctly. It happens in every trade and industry - irrigation, plumbers, electricians, doctors, stock brokers and investors. It comes down to quality of the person and ethics, and they can't deny a license for that.

I do believe a person SHOULD train under someone experienced, but that should be said for any trade or profession. A guy opening a BBQ joint with no training, could sell pork or chicken under cooked and kill someone. But no training is needed to start up a BBQ stand on the corner. Just a license and a fat check to the gov't.

So in my opinion, it comes down to how much regulation do we really want from our government, especially at a time when everyone is b!tching and moaning about getting the government's hands out of everything. We want the gov't to regulate our specific little industry, but when the gov't tries to oversee and provide health care because it has become too expensive for the masses, then we cry foul. We can't have it both ways all the time.

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