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Lazer, Wildcat, or Turf Tiger?

I'm looking for a mower for my yard. I'm in PA and have about 2 acres to mow.

I've been leaning towards a used Exmark 60. But now I'm down to these three. All are nice, and I'm looking for your opinions.

-Exmark 60, 2011 , 900 hours, 25HP
-Scag Wildcat 61, 2009, 400 hours, 27HP
-Scag Turf Tiger 52, 2009, 750 hours, 27HP

My thoughts - Always been partial to Exmarks but am open-minded. The Wildcat is appealing due to the low hours. The Turf Tiger is only a 52, but it may be worth the smaller deck to get a turf tiger?

All are in real nice shape and in the $5K range. BTW - is that a good price range for what I'm looking at?

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