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Originally Posted by Clarkscape View Post
Yes, i am referring to granite stoop...on a side note, Tom G. your father turned me on to the granite idea when he did the ICPI training about 5 years ago down here on the Cape; Greatly appreciated....It has worked out really well!
The slab approach has worked out for me up to this point, no call backs, no unfortunate situation like DVS had. With that be said, if the dense grade/geo combo can save me $ on time/material end i am going to implement it. Tom, Is there a specific grade geo fabric you prefer?
I'm glad it has worked out for you!

There is not a specific grade fabric we use. We buy it through our hardscape supply yard in 12' rolls. We use Mirafi. And when we use geo-grid we just use the same stuff we use behind our walls.

I have a question for you since you do a slab. Do you mix your own concrete or do you get it delivered in a concrete truck? The reason I ask is because we have found we can get or aggregate compacted to a higher psi than if we mixed the concrete our self. And if we want a higher psi concrete from a truck the minimum they will deliver is usually way more than what we need so its not cost effective.

And I will say if the slab has worked out for you so far there is probably no reason to change.

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