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ok, some im getting close to complete on this mod,
im also adding a single broadcast nozzle

so ive removed the tiny factory strainer attached to the main pump,
replumbed the draw line to 5/8" and mounted a teejet line strainer,
then i split the 5/8" after the strainer to 3/8" to each pump.

for some reason i only got 1 bulkhead fitting when i ordered parts,
so ill have to get another to complete it ( its dual tanks)
but both pumps seem to run fine and my voltage is still at 14.5 with everything

couple questions,
-something cheap to put at the end of the agitation line in each tank, a nozzle or something?
-i need a selector valve to route spray output to my single nozzle,
i ordered 1 i thought looked good online, but it is huge dont think i can fit it,
any ideas on a smaller one? link to the one i got
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