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You find yourself fortunate to have such a well represented state on the lawn site atm to aid in your advice. Darryl and I are both on the coast like you he's practically your neighbor. And he brings up a great point and its the reason I do not hire collage students. Your time line is all wrong for mowing and doing the maintenance that goes with it. Collage for you ends when beginning of May perhaps Mid may? Spring clean ups are done in march and the first few weeks of April so you cannot offer that and thus lose clientele because of that.

Fine your just mow, only that also starts in April and 2012 it was warm and we had to start the first week of April. So right off the bat your losing the best account building period there is here. Now you can go after lawns later in season we all do but let me be honest with you they tend to be the lawns you would want to run from. Cheap people who tend not to pay on time and waited till the lawn was more than a foot tall to say hey maybe its time to hire someone and I hope they can mow it every 2 weeks or if I am lucky every month.

Now you manage against all odds to build up a list despite those early season handicaps. Great only the grass doesn't stop growing the last week of August here it goes another 8-10 weeks. How do you plan to tell your new clients sorry about the last cuts of the year but I need to go back to collage see ya next summer? So you manage to take your weekends home to mow those accounts and prey it doesn't rain because its the only time you have to complete them. Now Nov is upon you and a large number of them want their leaves cleaned up and removed from their properties how do you plan on accomplishing that?

Now I didn't even touch on how low your start up budget is nor bring up the steps the others here demand to be legitimately running a company.

Now I am not trying to discourage you I am trying to illustrate reality and perhaps keep you from blowing what little money you have before you think this through.
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